Term and Condition

WarCrash is a mobile gaming tournament application which enable users to earn real price, while playing their favorite video game on their console. WarCrash mainly focuses on amateur and middle level players to compete between each other on a ladder tournament friendly gaming environment. The rules are as follows:

  • Each players receives 1000 coins for free (first time only)
  • The player syncs WarCrash application with their console
  • By choosing either ‘Fast’ or ‘Main’ tournament player plays their favorite video game on their console
  • Players who becomes first in the tournament receives 60% of the total pot, second player receives 30% and the third player receives 10%. Small commission of 15% also goes to WarCrash for providing the services and customer care
  • When players reach a certain amount of coins, they can apply for gift cards
  • Players can also buy coins online if needed
    Thank you for playing WarCrash and if you have any questions visit us at: https://warcrash.com